Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Following a new trend

Anyone who follows Braymere Custom Saddlry blog knows about Basil the performance rat.  I have two little ratties of my own and I have been trying to wrangle them into their own performance activities, but so far I have been less than successful.  Lil' Stinkers.

I did however, manage to coerce one of my Sugar Gliders to pose.

My little Amelia

I know I shouldn't say it, but this little lady is my favorite of our 5 Squiggles.  Yes, my family and I call them Squiggles.  ...yes, we also have 5 of them.

So Braymere, can Amelia come over and we can have a small animal performance show?  XD  Maybe I can bring the ratties and Basil can teach them some patience.  Hahaha!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I've Got A Great Idea!

Creepy horse head finger puppets!

What do you mean "hell no"?  XD

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flash Walkthrough : Part 2

After a long hiatus, here it is!

Now, where in the world was I? 


Oh right!  So now he's got a nice new wrinkly neck (wrinkle tutorial in the works BTW) so something had to be done about that face.  Specifically it needed to be removed.  Why?  Well, why not?  I seem to like making extra work for myself.  Anywho, I keep forgetting to take inbetween photos but after a few hours, his fase began to take shape.

Yes his eyes are bright yellow.  I've tried sculpting the whole eye section from scratch, but I always end up with wonky eye balls.  So I cheat.  Meet my traditional horse eye balls!  These 6mm plastic BB balls are the perfect size for this in my opinion.

Next I insterted a tail wire to build on.  If you need help with that, go check out Laura Skillern's blog Don't Eat The Paint.  She's got awesome, easy to follow tutorials for lots of things.

The tail itself keeps going through various stages of fugly.  I'm resisting the urge to rip it off and restart.  It's gotta get better eventually.  Maybe.

I also laid down an armature for the mane while working on the tail.  Since this is a flying mane I usually let the epoxy set for a good 45 minutes before applying it to the model and then I hit it with my heat gun to get it to set.  If I think of it I will put wire in the epoxy pieces too, but I don't usually get that far.  I know that there are people that use mesh wire or other materials to essentially build out the shape of the mane and tail before applying epoxy.  I prefer to make the whole thing out of epoxy for complete adjustability.  Mostly because I am constantly applying and sanding until I'm satisfied with the results.
And he's still not done!  So there will be (at least) another walkthrough on this guy.  I hope noone is tired of seeing him yet.  I know I am, but that's because he stares at me all the time with these sad, yellow eyes.  Where is a Blab smilie when I need one?

Blabbers, This is All Your Fault

I hope you are happy. 

Beware the wrath of the Angry Wixom Pegasus! ...err..sketch.  A few months ago someone on blab commented that there needed to be an angry Wixom pegasus.  And of course this idea has been festering in my brain since them.  I already have an extra victim, I mean body, I mean volunteer.  XD  I already predict that this guy will be MASSIVE.

The Flash Tutorial continuation will be up either later today or early tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Responsibility and Inspiration

AKA - Damn you muse.

What is it about the dead of night that wakes my muse and demands that I do some sort of artistic expression?  Why does it strike when I should be sleeping instead of at a more appropriate time like any other time of the day.  I should give in to the call (hah, more like a scream at this point) more often, I might actually get things accomplished in a better time frame than my current one.  Which is apparently never for those that are wondering.  Shelves lined naked resins, decapitated bodies, almost finished models, half finished painting and charcoal pieces strewn about my room. 

My dilemma every night is do I be a responsible person and go to sleep at a relatively normal time or do I give in to the muse and create until it's exhausted itself at the usual cost of me being completely non functioning the next day.  This almost always ends with me blocking the muse while not going to bed anyway.  Maybe one day I'll be able to balance my responsibility and inspiration.

Or I'll just stay up late and continue debating it.

Yes, my muse is one creepy, demanding mo-fo. 
I don't know why either.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad Blogger, Bad

Is anyone else having trouble posting comments on mine or any other blog?  I switched my comments to pop up in new window since that's the only way I can reply anymore on my own blog.  I hope this isn't an inconvenience for anyone and hopefully blogger will fix this issue soon so that I can switch it back. 

In other news, I blame the my fellow blabbers.  You shall see why soon enough.

And once again the obligatory rattie photo.  Because they are just too cute.  : )  I will get a saddle on one of these bad boys one day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet...

I can dance and I can sing!

The internet should really shut down after midnight for me becuase then you get blog posts like these.  Just be glad I don't post the Fisch Schlapping Song.  XD

In real fake pony news, Dainty Darcy by Jenn Scott is here!  She is super adorable and true stablemate scale.  A good friends birthday was, well technically yesterday, but I'm customizing one of these cuties to look like her Morgan gelding, Simba.  He is such a mook.

I was trying to free lounge him.  He decided park out instead, the loser.  Lol.

Thankfully there wasn't too much work to be done to Dainty Darcy to make her a Dainty Simba.  She needed a little bit of facial resculpting to capture that big block head of his...

Original resin

New smexy profile

A touch more of a studly crest...

Bah, I forgot to take a matching photo for the after...

Lowered the tail set a little...

Shoosh!  I'm apparently doing awful with the matching before and after photo thing.

And added some plumbing.  But we don't need a photo of that.  Haha!  He just needs a little bit more prepping, another layer of primer, and then I can figure out how I want to paint him (oils? pastels? oils? pastels? ack!). 

One day this week I'll be uploading the elusive part two of the Flash custom.  This is far from the last instalment, but at least I'm finally going in the right direction.  Maybe.

EDIT:  Wow, photo skills fail, sheesh.  I think I needs me a light box.