Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rise from the ashes

Silence is brutal.  Even worse is having something to share and not being able to!  For the past two months I've been working on one, then two stablemates for Blab's SM custom challenge.  Part of the rules is no sharing of photos allowed!  I got my mojo back and I couldn't do what I like most, post it everywhere!  Haha!  Just over one month more until the deadline, so I'll be able to post them after that.  Whether I finish them in time, ehhh, that's another story.

But in the mean time I've just started using the time waiting for my stablemates to dry to work on other projects.  I purchased a Phoenix around Christmas since I had some cash and she was cheap.  And I loved her so much that I got another one recently.

The first one is getting new ears, straighter profile, braided mane and tail, fixed neck muscles, small eye changes, shoes removed, flatter cheeks and bigger cheek bones, tucked head, longer withers, and a bunch of other small changes.  I really want to get onto the mane and tail, but those are for last.

The second is getting a much smaller makeover.  Straighter profile, fixed neck muscles, eye changes, longer withers,and possibly a banded mane and new ears too.  She is most likely going to be for sale once completed, painted or unpainted I'm not sure.  I have a ton of colors I would love to see her in, but painting will add more time to how long I need to spend on her.

Yikes, I couldn't take a photo to save my life last night.  Now to get back to working on the SMs again, whee!