Thursday, February 11, 2010


At least I hope that's what this is.  I've been quite busy for the past month and I've been sick for the past week, neither of those translate well into productivity.  Being snowed in?  Now that makes me productive!  I finally managed to reattach all the legs in such a way that I'm not itching to rip them off again.  Though now that the back legs feel right, the front ones seem off again.  Maybe they need to be lower....  I did a quick once over sanding and a layer of primer for the photos so she looks a little more cohesive.  At least I hope so.  More sanding and removing of mass from her hindquarters and a major overhaul on the offside hind leg need to be done (shape wise).  I think I'm ok to star doing some detailing/muscling/overall clean up work, but I really wish I could get her into the hands of some actual Pro's first for them to have a good look in person.  Unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon.  No shows in the general area in the near future.  Bah.  Time to let the pictures talk.

Again if anyone sees any glaring mistakes, please let me know.  Thanks!  :)