Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speaking of dead bodies...

(shoosh, I like Halloween)

I unearthed this guy again.  He's been here just a few times before

His nick name might need to be Humpty Dumpty.  Since the most recent post back in August, he has lost his legs...

Got a little 'hole-y'...

No, I couldn't decide where I wanted that leg.

Got put back together again...

Legs everywhere!

Annnnnnd lost some limbs again...

The other two should come off again too.

I keep putting him down and picking him up and debating what I'm going to do with him.  I might have mentioned it somewhere, but my final goal with him was to get him cast in resin.  Thus why I continue to rip things off if I'm not happy with them.  If there's going to be more than one of him, he's going to be as perfect as I can make him darn it! 

However, I've hit a possible snag.  When I started him a few years ago, I believed it to still be an acceptable practice to cast drastic customs.  When I say drastic I'm talking about Orinocco and Calamity Jane levels of drastic, not todays accepted level of "drastic" which I wouldn't even think of casting.  Cue snag - apparently most artists and people (according to Blab) will not purchase a resin that was cast from a custom.

Thus I'm torn.  I finally believe that I have figured out the last big changes I have to make to my jumper and then I can move on to the detailing.  But I am hesitant to go any further if I can't (shouldn't) cast him.  I have trouble justifying all the work that still needs to be done just for him to be a OOAK custom.

So if I am going to go with the knowledge that people will not purchase a resin from a custom, I would need to restart from scratch.  I might have less issues since I've made most of the posing mistakes with this body already (hopefully), but allllll that time I have invested in him currently bothers me.  Again, I'm so close to detailing, do I really want to go back to nothing?

Bah.  As you can see, I've been thinking about this much to much.  I really want to work on him, but all of that holds me back. 

Too much deep thinking this late at night considering how early I have to get up.  Lighter post to follow, I promise!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Rising From the Grave

Wait, Halloween is over? 

Errr...  I'm still not dead.  Honest.  I might want to be, but I'm not.  As proof I shall leave you with a teaser photo of sorts, and promises of love and kis....I mean future blog posts to come!

I shall soon regale you with my tales of unintentional flying, missing body parts, Norwegians, the Staten Island Expressway and deadly trees!  Not necessiarily in that order.

And model ponies too, can't forgot the whole point of this blog.  : )

How about an overcooked cookie?

 Christine why did you let me have soda?  Look'it what you've done!