Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Balancing act

This past weekend I went with a friend to a NAN show, my first in years.  I'll update on Friday with pictures.  ;-)

Of course, seeing all of those models in one place stirred up my creative juices and I immediately went back and pulled out my trusty dremel.  Mwahaha.  After an hour or so my trotting Wixom is starting to look a little more like a horse and less of a wreck.  Or maybe that's more of a wreck since I forgot to take pictures after I used the heat gun again.  Anyways, the most interesing thing is that it has perfect balance (like my rearing wixom).  Only this fella is on one leg!  I don't know how, and I certainly wasn't aiming for that, but it's awesome none the less.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bodies in the Workshop

Finally found some time to update again; the new job is fairly exhausting.  Oh well, on to better things!  Ponies!  So let's get on to it.  First off is a Nitro resin.  I'm doing the final touches of prepping on him.  He's going to be a very dark steel gray with a light mane and tail. To be for sale upon completion.

Up next is a Mink Dafydd resin.  He's prepped and primed and ready for the next step, paint!  Hopefully he will be a dark dapply bay varnish appy.  This guy's also going to be for sale. 

The beautiful Victrix by Williams.  She's going to get a custom braided mane and tail and be painted as a portrait of my mare.  For my own collection. 

The AA mini Thoroughbred customized to a hunter horse with braided mane and tail.  Still need to do the finishing details and give him another ear.  Whoops.  Color undetermined, though he will probably be a bay if I have my way.  Lol.  To be for sale.

Breyer G1 Saddlebred customized to a rack.  Also may be a gray unless I get a better idea. 

G2 Saddlebred to a big show pose; will have a slightly wind blown mane and tail.  Color undecided, may take a poll as he gets closer to completion. 

Breyer Wixon that will be a big ol' studly man.  Going to have a large mane, tail, and heavy feathering.  Lots of work still to do.  To be for sale. 

Another Wixom!  I love this mold.  Rearing up on her hind legs at her full height.  She's huge like this, nearly 14 inches.  She even balances on her hind feet (as of now at least).  Going to be a clean legged draft breed, unsure of nearly everything else.

And my silly sneak peak.  This guy will *hopefully* become a resin in the not to far future.  I would post a full body pic, but after a week of not looking at him, drastic changes had to be made.  So all the legs are unattached.  Again. 

You can be sure that there is a crazy explaination behing this photo, to be told at a later date.  ;-)

And that's all for now!