Monday, September 8, 2014

Riding the slow train

But good things take time, yes?

"I fall to pieces..."
 Okay, that guy needs a lot more time...

But this one is nearly done!  A simple mane and tail change, only 15 months in the making.  :P  Why yes, I do feel like the slowest customizer ever.

Mr. Fancy Prance

 Just a tiny bit left to do on him, then I can get him prepped and primed.  He will most likely be fore sale unpainted as I have nowhere good to paint at the moment.  So look for him on MHSP in, say, another 3 months.  HAHAHA, maybe I can find some magic and get him up by the end of September.  No one hold me to that!  Good things take (a ridiculous amount of) time (around here).  ;)