Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Onto Smaller Ideas

Since Terrang is finally finished (even though he is staying with me for the time being), I've decided to work on some pieces that I will hopefully finish in a much more timely manner.  Time for some stablemates!

Of course, me being me, I can't make anything easy.  Instead I have 6 standalone SMs planned and a major scene involving another 7 SMs that will all be getting drastic custom work done to them.  The 6 individual ones won't be done until after Breyerfest, which is probably a good thing, and the other 7 are a looooong term project I'll be working on in between.  Hopefully.

This guy I started a long time ago but recently pick him up again since I enjoy working with the Magic Sculp(t) so much.  Well now he's finally got a tail and a base for a mane!  I still have some small fiddly bits left after I finish the mane, but I definitely think he is going to be done first.  I haven't decided if I'm going to paint him up like my reference photo of sell him unpainted yet.  I'm also pretty certain that he's going to have a base to keep him upright, but I have also been considering a peg for the back foot.  Hmmmm.

I still need to smooth the tips of the tail so they aren't so chunky. 

Then I've got 2 Morgans planned.  A G2 Saddlebred to a parked Morgan ala Stand And Deliver.

The other is a G2 Morgan to a park horse.  I need to do more research on what is considered 'correct' for a park Morgan trot.  I think I need to find a horse in a more square trot.

Also Stand And Deliver! 
 As if those weren't enough, I also have a G2 rearing arabian who is getting a new M/T and some minor body tweaks, and a G2 Mule and a G3 Friesian that I'm not really sure what to do with yet!  I'm aiming for nothing too terribly drastic with these as I wouldl like to finish them!  Ha!

The other 7 I have planned out already, all the way down to colors!  But I'm not going to say anything else about those until I've started work on them.  ;)

Also, my camera is in the mail!  Squee!!!  XD

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Yes I'm back to being inconsistent about the capital letters in my title posts.  Shh.

Despite my good intentions, nothing went according to plan since my last post.

Migraine that kept me mostly in bed for over a week and did not respond to medication? Check.

Computer deciding to have multiple conniptions and multiple blue screens of death? Check.

Horse deciding I've had it too good for the past 10 years and come up lame? Check.

Terrang not receiving a single offer? Check.

Good gravy, somebody throw me a bone here!

At least I have a new toy coming my way to make up for my week or so of suck.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All things must come to an end

And good gravvy if this guy just did not want it to be over!  Sheesh!  Yes, I've finally, really finished my Terrang custom.  There is still more that I would like to do to him, but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and move on to new things.

So!  My little bugger is going up for offers on MHSP until Saturday June 16th, midnight EST.  I can't tell you how excited I am for him to leave!  Now for the fun part, pictures!

Please take me home and away from the crazy lady!

I can totally see him showing as a riding pony of some sort.  And all I can picture on him is a luscious bay with some chrome but I think he's carry any color well.

I should really move on to finishing painting up my sales piece Smittyn.  Now where in my room are my paints again...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

All you need is a little bit of magic..

Once again I blame the Blabbers.  I've fought with the other self hardening sculpts that most customizers use and generally had a dismal time trying to create anything.  Which is why I have not completed a piece in years.  Chopping is easy and fun, arguing with epoxy is not.  So, based on multiple good reviews for Magic Sculp(t) combined with actually seeing some of the results of first time users, I caved and bought some.

Shifu approves!

And the world rejoiced, for it was AWESOME.  What would have taken me days of sculpting, drying, removing, and repeating with my other sculpts took one sitting with Magic Sculp(t).  Once I stopped trying to work it like Apoxie Sculpt, I was off and flying.  I am completely floored by how easy it is to use and highly recommend it!

He's got a butt finally... ha!

In two sittings I managed to just about finish my jumpers tush, allowing time for one side to dry so I wouldn't squish it while working on the other.  I'm good like that.  No I don't have a pic of the other side sadly.  I just can not get my lighting and camera to cooperate.  I can actually see me finishing this guy within the year now.  Maybe.  It's only been five years or so since I started him.

And while waiting for him to dry I played around with more tail ideas in photoshop.  I think this was my favorite so far after my initial posting.  Who knows what I'm going to go with, I still have so much to do on the rest of him before really thinking on hair!  Of course, I also need to decide still if he will end up as an OOAK custom or if I still want to go ahead with a resin run.   Hrrmmm.

Flippy goodness

Friday, June 1, 2012

Walk the (Red)Line

I've done a few redlines or photoshop edits for poeple on Blab of their customs.  Today while tring to figure out what else needed to be fixed on my jumper, it finally dawned on me to do my own redlines!

Yes he is getting a brand new head.  I'm just having too much fun playing with the other one to sculpt over it.

Obviously this is the appy version.  LOL

Redlines can be a great tool to help you actually see exactly what needs to be changed if you do them yourself.  Having someone else redline your work can also help find problems that you didn't even notice!