Friday, November 6, 2009

Pocono Ponies Live- Part 2

Well this post comes a bit later that I expected, but here it it at least.  the second part of my Pocono Ponies recap.  First just a few models that really caught my attention.  A Victrix resin painted in a stunning chestnut yovero.  I believe painted by Jess Fry.

Next a stunning valor.  One of those times I wish no one was looking so I could have grabbed him off the table.  ;)

This horse I was very confused by at first.  I had no idea why there was a Fortissimo in the CM/AR class until I got closer.  Whoops on me.  Very nicely done though.

I'm don't know what this guy started out life as, but he is too cool.

A very handsome custom ISH.  Love the face on him.

I can't remember what breed of Donkey this was supposed to be, but I absolutly love him!

Calamity Jane painted to an eye catching flaxen chestnut.  I am in love with the face marking on this guy!

A Fraley Gammon painted in a luscious dark bay with a custom braided mane and tail. He was a real cutie.


Scouring the tables I cam across a Stone Max.  He's so incredibly gorgeous.  Another one I've loved forever.  And this guy is a great copy too. 

Ok, now for the few shots I got of our horses.  Christine had never shown performance before, so I dug out my western set and everything went downhill from there.  In a good way of course.  Lol.
So I spent way too much time trying to tack up her JCP zippo, but eventually he made it on the table.  And much to our suprise, he ended up placing 4th out of 13!  It was very exciting. 

I dug out some fancy chopsticks I bought at the dollar store a few years ago and used those as trot poles for arena trail.  We were totally not expecting him to place again.  Then he totally shocked us and placed again out of 10!  All those fancy trail setups and somehow our silly little bare bones setup was pinned.  It was awesome, but I forgot to take a picure.  Fail.
In a complete loss of sanity, I thought it would be amusing to put my Fly By Wire resin in the other western class for CM/AR.  He was participating in a versatiliy class.  (Long story).  There were only 6 entries on the table, but he placed 4th.  I was satisfied and amused.  Oh, and that little micro mini is mine too in the picture.  He placed last.  Whoops.  Lol

Just an amusing side trip.  Christine had a mini Mauvelous and there was a traditional one on the table.  I had to get a shot of them together.  XD

And now we have the super exciting part of the show (that I knew would happen BTW)  Her Dinky Duke, painted by the super talented Chris Jolly.  Mort de Rire was placed in the top ten and then named overall grand champion of the show!  His first time out too, it was incredible.  :)
Mort de Rire and some of his winnings.

And the happy owner and her prize winning stallion.

And that's pretty much it!  I'm already planning for the next show, and I have no idea what one or where it will be!  Not that it matters much, I have plenty of things to keep me busy in the studio.  But that's for another post. (Like once I get my stuff back in order!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pocono Ponies Live Recap - Part 1

First off, hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Second, I looked through my photos from the show and there are a lot of them. As such, I am going to break up the review into two days so as not to have a photo overload! I didn't get many photos from the performance part of the day, I was hardly awake and fighting to put on tack on models. There's over 100 pictures on the Pocono Ponies web site as well as the results from the day.

Here are the only two pictures I managed to get from the morning that weren't my friend Christine or my horses. The first is a custom Stone I believe as a circus horse.  I love the color on him. 

The second was from the OF other scene class.  There were lots of things that could be found in the mules packs.  A very neat entry.

The OF Arabian class was filled with so many OOAKs from the Stone Factory.  It was interesting to see so many differnt horses, I don't think there was a single duplicate on the table!

This gray horse won the class.  He was very stunning for an OF.

The CM/AR Arabian class was another large class.  There were some incredible models on the table.  Here's a partial shot of the entries.

A lovely Rasam.

Possibly the most exciting part of my day, I got to see a Fraley Rakkid in person.  He was simply stunning!  I know what my next grail is.  ;-)

There was a Reno by Lermond as well.  Another beautiful horse.

A pretty Stone CM.  He placed second I believe after the Ebrel Muscat painted by Danza.

One of few (mostly blurry) photos I took of the CM/AR Foals division.  This is the Ebrel Rosita painted by >Michele Katz.  Not only is Rosita completely adorable in person, but she simply glowed in the baby bay the Michele gave her.

One of my favorite divisions, the Spanish Breeds.  Once again, some lovely horses in the CM/AR division.  An El Cid in a pretty Mulberry Grey.

I'm not sure what Ebrel this is, I know he was super limited though.  Painted by Jessica Fry who was also a judge at the show. 

Next is two different models painted by two different artists.  The funny thing is that they seemed to have used the same referace picture!  The second was painted by Jenn Danza.

Another lovely Mulberry grey on my favorite mold.  I believe he was painted by Danza as well.  (Looks like a Danza horse)

The CM/AR Gaited Horses was filled with Indy's!  (Imagine that!  Lol)  How many can you find?

There was also this neat custom Breyer.

Now for the most exciting part of my day, I actually got to meet Jenn Danza!  It was rather funny.  Christine and I kept hearing models winning that were owned by her, and wondered if someone was proxy showing for her.  All of a sudden we see her go and get one of her models from the show table!  Needless to say we spend a decent amount of time drooling over the models at her table.  What a nice person.  I was so glad to have met her.  And now on to the photos!  It was a Danza Extravaganza!  (excuse me for geeking out)
First a Fraley Smittyn to a yummy dark dapple bay.

One of my favorite resins, Mink's Valinor to a greying out bay.

Fraley Rayne to a varnish appy.  Pictures don't do it justice, the resin in beautiful in person.

Another Mink!  This time her gorgeous Stormwatch.  Another one that is fantastic in person.

The oh so tiny micro mini!  I'm so glad to have a macro setting just for this model.  And I have no idea how she managed to get so many colors on such a little horse!  Major props.

And that's all for today!  Tomorrow I have some more photos including how mine and Christine's models did at the show.  Hope you enjoyed the pics!