Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tack Time!

Every time I get a new horse in the mail there is something I do everytime, after unwrapping and drooling over them for a while.  Tack 'em up!

Today I got my Maxixe De Barrios by Morgen Kilbourn in the mail.  I reaaaallly shouldn't have been purchasing any model horse related items but this guy is one of only a handful of releases this year that I'm allowing myself. Hopefully the other piece I really am looking foward to doesn't get released for a while yet!

Being me, Max's first tack up was in my beautiful english set by Jennifer Buxton.  I love this set so much it's ridiculous.

Om nom nom.  Another gorgeous face! (Ignore the fact that the bit is not in his mouth.  I was lazy)

 He really is very tack friendly. Thanks Morgen!

Next, western! 


After torturing tacking up Max, I might have gotten a little bored and tacked up some other guys.

Meet the over enthusiastic trail horse!

This would have been even funnier with a rider.  XD

And pig pleasure....?

Yes he's got a bosal. 

And I tried tacking up my spanish fighting bull but he's too fat hefty for my girths and to horny big headed for a bridle.  Darn!

Yes I need a life.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Always Changing

The day that I decide to prep a horse and not feel the need to make any changes on it will be a happy day indeed.  Besides my menagerie of Vtoo's and their various planned changes, Ahzam is going to be getting a chin reconstruction and possibly some bigger legs if I'm feeling super ambitious.

Yes I love showing off his face.  XD

I've also got two resins here that are going to be getting some work done (yes, like I needed more projects).  Firstly a Johann by the uber talented Morgen Kilbourn.  I was luck enough to win him in her treasure hunt she had last year and I've been waiting for him to speak to me ever since. 

Another ridiculously handsome face.  *drool*

I think he's finally whispered that he wants to be a Kentucky Mountain Horse.  Only one little problem, the KMHs have teeniest little feet.  Johann has got these giant gravel stompers!  Time for a foot reduction!

"Mommy says my daddy was a draft horse..." 

Lastly is a Kitty Cantrell Romance resin I got for a ridiculously awesome price a number of months back.  She apparently had won a number of NAN cards in her day but now her paint job is very dated and her prep job leaves a bit to be desired.  She's also got two previously repaired broken legs (one of which rebroke in shipping).  So she is going to get a bit chop shopped.  O:) 

"I'm going to get WHAT?"

New mane, tail, forelock, slightly lowered neck, closed mouth plus other facil modifications, all four legs moved to a bigger trot plus somehow getting her off the ground, probably a little but more tummy put on her to be less racing fit, and possibly a little bit of a reduction on her engine. Whew!  Of course this is all hopefully what will get done.  She needs to get stripped first and then I'll go from there.

Seriously someone needs to betate me everyday if I'm not actually working on something.  I have all of these models I have plans for and some drawing that I should do too but nothing gets done.  Blargh.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Herd of Galloping Ponies!

I had to get the photo from the last post to not show up in all of the blogs that follow me.  Everytime I would visit one I would start crying from seeing his litte face.

So how about a conga* of unpainted VToo's instead?

The back three are 'seconds' that Sarah sold, front two are from the actual run.

Yes, this just might be my absolute all time favorite model of all time.  And yes I needed two "all time's" just to show how awesome she is.

Yes, the second one in is missing her tail. And braids.

The VToo seconds didn't come with bases so I get to play around with how to stand those up.  That should be fun.  XD  I would reeeeeeeaaaaaalllly like to cut and resculpt one to be traveling straight but that would take a ton of work.  I'll probably end up doing it anyway.

All my lovely ladies!
 So!  I have the one I've already prepared for a new mane and tail.  The other one from the run is going to stay as is, I just need to pick a color.  And possibly a painter so it gets done sometime this millenia.  considering placing a back foot on the ground for one of the other seconds plus a new tail, possibly new mane also.  And a new face.  And the drastic custom.  And then I still have one victim left.....

VToo tower of doom!

Me thinks I'll have plenty to keep me busy.  But first I need to finish my jumper!  AUGH!

*Is it considered a problem when you have a conga of a resin horse?  0:)

My Little Micah

Named after an angel and gone before your time.  I'm going to miss you so much my little man.

December 19, 2010-April 29, 2012