Friday, January 22, 2016

For every action...

There is a lot of inaction.

Still prepping away, although going slower now. Cold weather makes me want to sleep and do nothing, but I did manage to get some more details done on Nightmare. She has some enhanced hoofers! 

In one of her feet I hit a wire, so that has to be ground down before I can resculpt that foot. Then I can throw another layer of primer on and hopefully call her done. 

In the meantime, sitting gives plenty of time to think, and thinking means it's time for the jumper cm to come back out. 

Yes, this looks, emmm, close enough
This guy needs his own song, I don't know how many times his legs have been on and off and on and off and....  Oh well.  Currently I'm debating scale, he's just on the edge of needing to be chopped up and scaled up.  I think once I actually start adding muscles and details I will have too for sure, but until then I'll just keep moving limbs.  And maybe give him some eye balls.  He's kinda creepy at the moment.  

Ok, ok, less thinking, more adding of epoxy.


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Braymere said...

I still love that jumper, creepy face and all.